Initial Impression
Aalborg 5. Januar, 2010

Coach Dean

It was an extremely disappointing result in the game tonight as we make the slow drive home back to Fyn. The first ten minutes of the game was excellent and just as we discussed in our film sessions and game preparation.

-We were first to all loose pucks
-We pressured the opposition to force turnovers
-We made good decisions in the Neutral zone area

This was very encouraging, but before we could get too comfortable we made a mental error that resulted in the first Aalborg goal. Now the situation was upon us that had happened already this season, and an area of the game we focused on all week, that the shift after a goal by either team, we have a plan of play, and a focus point as a group of five players, and as a team. Our expectation was that we have learned and grown as a team by this point of the season, so to have this happen again after we addressed and supposedly rectified the situation was disappointing.

At this point there was still a great opportunity to come out and restore the play from the first ten minutes of the game, in the opening of the second period. We had a good start to the period and we had some great opportunities to tie the game, but as we discussed in our preview the opposition has skilled players that we cannot give them scoring chances. Simply stated, we had too many mental errors leading to poor decisions, but most of all a lack of entering into the physical battle. In other words we got pushed around.. We were no longer first to pucks, and we did not engage in fighting to get it back. At the end of the second we relived Greer from the game, as the results were certainly not his fault.

The third period we used 4 lines of players as we progressed through the game. The game was disappointing as the opposition did not surprise us with anything we did not expect, or trick plays to gain an advantage, in fact it was quite the opposite. It is obvious from the result we have players that need to step up and show that they belong in the league, and they are winning to battle, and do whatever it takes to win the next shift. As far as our defensemen it is our challenge to recognize who are our top 4 defensemen, and they will have another opportunity to prove in the next game.

As a team it will be expected that our effort level be at an all time high for the next game. More importantly the level of accountability to be a member of the Odense Bulldogs will also be on display next game for the members of the team.

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Game Summary