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Pregame Vojens 28 December

Coach DeanWe are entering our second game during the Christmas break. It was great to earn the three points on the road, and now we will need a great effort at home versus Vojens.

From our perspective we are pleased with our play the past 6 games. We have picked up points in each of these games, and have not lost in regulation time. We have received more contributions offensively from a number of players. Blocked shots has been a focus point within the club over this time period and we have done a much better job in this area of the game. The special teams, Power Play and Penalty Killing, has been working well over this time period as well. Our biggest challenge is to continue to pursue the 60 minute game.

Vojens on Top of League

Our opponents will be a big test for our club, and a good measurement of our progression during this time period playing against the top team in the league. It was after we played Vojens that we had a team & individual regroup, and since this time our play has improved overall.

Vojens is playing fantastic hockey, as they have won 8 games in a row, and allowed only 2 goals over this time period. They are getting offensive contributions from a number of players, as well as great defensive play and goaltending. With this performance it is no wonder that they are on top of the league.

Focus Points: Vojens

In order to be successful against Vojens there are some areas of the game we will need to focus on.

The first item is the number of shots we get on goal, and the traffic at the net to make it difficult for the goalie to see the puck, and control the rebounds. It is obvious in the past games when he sees it, he will save the shots, so we must make it more difficult.

Secondly, we need to win the game within the game which is the Special Teams. They have had success on the Power Play and we need to do a good job blocking shots and protecting the front of the net.

Thirdly, we cannot give them any free opportunities in terms of scoring chances with giveaways and turnovers, we must make smart and patient plays.

Finally, in regards to penalties it is important to skate and not use our sticks. Hopefully this area will not be a factor in the game, and the players can decide the outcome game with good hard play.

Key Players for Vojens

Matejic: leading scorer in the league is a dangerous as he is always looking to take advantage of mistakes
Lykkeskov: Top goal scorer in the league, he is a smart two way player that will score around the net.
Macijevski: very fast in tight areas and has a great wrist shot, and will shoot often
VanBallegooie: catalyst on the Power Play
Michaud: top goaltender in the league

We expect it to be an exciting game, it always seems to be a bit more intense against our rivals from the South. Most likely there will be a large number of Vojens fans in attendance which always makes for a great atmosphere in the Arena. We expect a large crowd and exciting game.. See you there.

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