From the Coach:

Coach DeanIt will be another hard fought game against our rivals from Esbjerg, the last two games between the two teams have resulted in Overtime, a victory for each side. Both teams will be hungry for a win as both teams have lost their last two games. It is important with Esbjerg ahead of us in the standings that we take advantage of the 3 games at hand, and earn important road points that can close the gap in the standings.

Esbjerg is a team that has played well during the season, and they have the players & ability to beat every team in the league. They have experienced players in their lineup that include good all around players. They do an exceptional job at the following:

1) Traffic at the Offensive Goal
2) Create opportunities off Turnovers
3) Strong & experienced Defensemen who can make the simple play

They are led by some key players that are having exceptional seasons.

- Lysak: is among the leaders in goal scoring, and in my opinion the best player in the league at playing directly in front of the goal.
- Lee: scoring a number of goals as of late and providing a good partner for Lysak.
- Fransson: he is a good goaltender and among the league leader in statistical categories.

Keys for Success:

In order to have success against Esbjerg there are few factors we must concentrate our efforts:

1) Protect the front of our goal as they are good at sending men there
2) Eliminate Turnovers in the NZ
3) Play Physical in the Offensive Zone

It is an important game for a number of reasons, including the standings, and creating confidence and momentum for the games in the remainder of the month as well. Esbjerg is a team we play 2 more times to close out the season so it is important to have a great effort on Friday.

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