Fredrickshaven Whitehawks
January 15, 2010

Coach Dean

Sorry for the delay in the response to the Game. As usual having an opportunity to watch the video of the game is the best resource of review. The Game against the White Hawks was frustrating in the sense that we were able to win the first period, and then we watched as the same variables that have hurt us all season come back again in the second period.. This was especially annoying since we had discussed the items only moments before in the intermission break. The factors that have hurt us this season, and again in this game were the following:

1) Lack of Goal Scoring: this has been our biggest problem all season. Anyone who saw the game, or have the privilege to see the game on video can clearly see that we trade opportunities with the opposition, and in most cases we have more chances. This was clearly the case on Friday in the second period, where we continuously have great chances to score but come up empty. Conversely, the opposition gets a great opportunity, and they make it count. People get the wrong sense of the game because of the final score, where it is actually the timing of the goals that dictate the outcome of the game. In this game, if we make it 2 – 2, on all our chances in the second period, it is a much different game, than when the opposition makes it 3 -1. The question is why are we not scoring, and why the opposition is scoring against us. Quite simply, the factors that produce goals are individual mistakes, and the Battle in front of the net. In the case of the latter, this is very much an issue for our team. As we have discussed many times 85% of the goals are scored due to action directly in front of the goalie 1 meter from the net, where either the goal is scored on a rebound chance, or due to the fact he goalie cannot see the puck as it is shot. In our case we do not get enough shots on goal with somebody directly in front of the goal, so the goalie can see the shot and accurately control the rebound, or we do not have players in the area for the rebounds. There are some other factors such as shot selection, for example, but this is the main area of concern. In fact, for some players on our team that are way below expectations in the goal scoring department, we would think that they would make a point of going to the net and standing directly in front of the goal every chance possible, since that creates the most opportunity to score. Yet they refuse to go to the area that is the toughest in hockey to play. Regardless of the final outcome of the game, few games are ever going to be won by scoring one goal.

2) Individual Mistakes: simply said most goals are made by a mistake of some kind, not only in hockey, but in sports in general. Unfortunately, we have had a series of goals recently that are clearly individual mistakes rather than team concepts involved in coverage schemes, etc, where there are safety mechanisms for support outlined in the case of a mistake. This is again frustrating, as we have certain expectations that over a certain number of months, and more and more experience in the league the mistakes would reduce by this time of the year.

3) The Battle: The concept to play physical, finish every check, and be physical in every aspect of the game is something that has been preached since day 1. Some players are hoping things will change by continuing to play a ‘soft game’, with less physical contact. In fact, it should be just the opposite, where the idea of the playing physical is the starting point to force change and make good things happen, especially in regards to the area directly in front of the goal.

These are the key factors that are holding our team back from playing at the level we expect. With the concept in the league, and the number of games remaining, we are still only a small winning streak of 3 games to be right back in the middle of the pack, so the focus from our point of view is to get the aforementioned items set in the right direction as we go forward into the season.

We will work towards more video highlights of the games that may be more helpful to the Bulldog Supporters to get a better idea of the items discussed in these reports.

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