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Coach Dean

Pregame Frederikshavn 15 Januar

Friday Night in Northern Denmark will be an important game against the Winter Hawks. In their most recent games they have lost 2 out of 3, so we will need to be ready for a team that traditionally plays very well at home, and looking to get back on track in the win department.

As far as we are concerned, we are coming off a frustrating loss on Tuesday night, where again the inability to score on our chances early game came back to haunt us. Penalties again played a key role, as we allowed 2 goals when shorthanded.

The Winter Hawks will be ready at home and we can expect the following from them:

1) Look for opportunities for 2 on 1’s and breakaway situations

2) Keep the middle zone congested with 10 players and create chances

3) Play strong in front of their goalie at the net

They are led by some key players that we need to give special attention:

Jensen: Having a great season as the leading scorer of the team, and last game showed good speed and skill in a variety of situations against us.
Reinert: veteran of the league, has a very good shot, and dangerous player on the power play
Andersen: Big goaltender that covers much of the net area and plays good position in goal

Bulldogs Keys for Success:

In order to have success on Friday there are some areas we must give special focus:

1) Penalties: we simply cannot put ourselves in a position to take penalties, it is no secret they have some players who disrespectfully embellish situations, and with a strong home crowd, the safest thing to do is to continue skating and not do anything with the stick

2) Control the Puck in the Offensive Zone: continue good control and not throw it away as they will look for quick transition plays.

3) Strong play on the special teams: they have strong power play so we will need to be sharp, and in their rink there may be very few opportunities for us with the man advantage so we need to make it count when the chance is available.

4) Score some goals: it is obvious we will not win many games with 1 goal, so we need to really focus on the scoring chances, and the small items to create additional scoring chances.

As far as injuries, with the exception of Alexander Hansson we will be at full strength.

This is the start of 6 road games in a row. It has been a crazy year, the schedule included so maybe this is the jumpstart to the season we were looking for in January of 2010.

Fantasy Game 2010

As mentioned earlier in the week Fantasy Game Registrations are coming in every day. Now as an added feature you can register online for the event on the Fantasy Game Web Page. We would like to get the first round of custom Bulldogs Jerseys completed so please register early to get your jersey completed. More Fantasy Game details are listed below…………………….

The Fantasy Game will take place February 12, and we are very excited to make this offer between the Loyal Supporters of Odense Bulldogs Hockey and the Team. Last season we had a great time meeting the participants and having a great Day of Hockey from the morning skate, to the actual Game, and the Post Game Party. This year we want to take things a step further and not only have a great day for the Participants of the Game, but also a Celebration Evening for the supporters and fans in attendance as well. Our goal is to have 500 friends, family, and fans cheering on the Fantasy Bulldogs in their big game. There will be all kinds of activities and promotions for the fans in attendance including the following:

- Skate with the Bulldogs after the Game where all in attendance will be invited to lace up their skates and come on the ice to skate and have photos taken with their favourite Bulldogs Players and Fantasy Bulldogs Players.

- Special Raffles – Promotions – Auctions; for Jerseys and other special items.

- Special Food and Drink Offers

- Post Game Party: to meet the players and close the evening with a great event for all

- And Much, Much More …………. Details to be announced weekly

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