Do you have a nickname?

Where were you born?
I was born in Sala, Sweden

What is your hometown?
Leksand, Sweden

Do you have a wife, a girlfriend or are you single?
I am married. My wife’s name is Lotta

Do you have any Children?
I have two children. My daughter is named Linnea, and my son is named Stefan

What is your favourite food?
Pasta and ‘Swedish husmandskost’ (a traditional Swedish meal for farmers)

What is your favourite band?
Matchbox 20, ABBA, R.E.M.

What is your favourite movie?

What are your other interests or hobbies?
Tennis, my kids sports and football

Do you have any game day routines?

Do you have any superstitions related to hockey?

Who has been the most influential person on your hockey career?
My cousin Tommy

Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Who is your favourite actor or actress?
Michael Persbrandt

What is your impression of Denmark so far?
A lot of bikes, and freindly people.

What are your first impressions of Danish hockey?
It is an underrated league with many good players.

Who is the best player you have ever played with?
There are so many, it is very difficult to pick just one, but I would have to say, Tomas Jonsson.

What made you decide to come to Denmark to play?
I wanted to live in another country and play in another league before I stopped playing.