Initial Impression
Efb January 26, 2010

Coach Dean

The feeling after a game like tonight is like a CD spinning with no music to our ears, as we seem to repeat a similar performance. The Effort Level was great, all 4 lines contributing, and playing hard. We create many scoring opportunities, which is the first and most important factor. In fact in this game we earned many second chance opportunities in the dangerous area 1 meter from the goal. That is the positive aspect, we had the shots on the goal, we were there for the rebounds, and that is positive. The final and most difficult step is to put the puck into the net.

Scoring goals is the hardest thing to do in hockey. If it was easy everyone would do it, but it is not ands that is why we celebrate scoring a goal, unlike basketball or handball where 50 plus goals are scored each game. Scoring in hockey is difficult. It takes courage to stand in front of the net in order to just get the opportunities. It takes patience to repeat the high percentage play over and over again to get the just reward. It takes the repetition of good habits to make sure that all the little things are done without hesitation. A person who has done this over the years in their chosen discipline would be considered a master of their craft. In Hockey terms, a sniper, a goal scorer.

Plenty of credit also goes to Esbjerg as well. They played a good game, and especially tough in front of the goal. In addition, their goalie made some athletic saves in situations where it seemed we had a certain goal from close range. Compliments also go to Brian Greer who once again gave us every opportunity to win the game, but once again there was no offensive support for his great effort.

The game is a matter of having our chances to score, and being to capitalize on the opportunities. This is the difference in the game. When the score is 1-0 in the third period, the team that scores the next goal will most likely win the game regardless of the final score. If we score to make it 1-1 all the momentum is now on our side, and the percentages are now in our favour to score the next goal as well. When they score the next goal then it is 2-0, the game will most likely be closed out, and in some cases the extra effort and pressing to score the tying goal results in one or two more against, creating a false sense of the game from the scoreboard indication.

This is the situation for the club and what we have been dealing with for some time. However, we will not hide from it, or ‘hope’ that things change. We will continue to address the situation, discuss options and small details, and continue to work towards our weakness, until we can consider it a strength. Thank you for your support.

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Game Summary