Welcome to all the fans, supporters, sponsors and everyone involved with Odense Bulldogs Hockey. The purpose of this site is to expand our reach and provide more, more, more. More team features, more items initiated by the players, more access to events information, corporate opportunities, and Bulldogs fun.

We aim to promote more interaction between the community and the players themselves. This site will provide more in depth personal glimpses and opportunities for chats and online communication. We have planned more events throughout the season where the players will be interacting directly with the fans and supporters. Some of these events will include the Corporate Coach opportunity, various parties and celebrations throughout the season, hockey camps, and of course, the Fantasy Game. This website will be constantly updated to keep you informed on all the events and opportunities to be offered.

We will also present merchandise and products for sale on the site to include player jerseys, warm up jerseys, t-shirts, autographed sticks, and different types of apparel.

We would also like to introduce our cheerleaders on this site. We are proud of our cheerleading team and we aim to provide more information on their good works and activities. We are grateful for all their efforts in promoting the club and in providing quality entertainment during our games.

Thanks for visiting and let’s have a great season of Odense Bulldogs hockey.